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  • Kashmiri Chai 30GM

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    Kashmir is known not only for its unrivalled natural beauty – snow-covered mountain peaks, blue rivers and rich culture – but also for its mouthwatering traditional food.The Kashmiris have a special pink-coloured tea called kashmiri chai or noon chai, which has a creamy, buttery and slightly thick consistency, but is thin enough to sip gently. Kashmiri Chai is famous all over Pakistan especially at weddings in winter. Kashmir is heaven itself. So this delicacy and masterpiece originated from Kashmir. Net weight of this product is 30gm.

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  • Peshawari Kehwa 30GM

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    The Peshawari Kehwa,  is an aromatic green tea that originated somewhere around the second century and has been a staple drink in the countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, regions of Central Asia and Northern India, especially the Kashmir Valley. It is a combination of green tea leaves, saffron, cinnamon bark, cardamom pods, cloves, star anise, dry fruits like almonds, walnuts or cherries and sometimes even Kashmiri roses. Net weight of this product is 30gm.

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