Eczema Treatment

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  • Soap Nut Powder 70GM

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    Most of us know it by the name of Reetha. Many of us are aware of Soap Nut Powder’s benefits for hair, but its advantages are not just restricted for hair but go beyond, for skin as well as good health. Make most out of organic stuff, make use of Rai’s products and bring the glow, the shine back to your hair and skin and start living a healthy life. Net weight of this product is 70gm.

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  • Stevia 50GM

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    Stevia is a natural sweetener that comes from a shrub and substitute to sugar it is valued most for the sweet taste, which makes it capable of replacing sugar in a diet. Importantly, it also has a very low calorific count pushing it in the ‘no-calorie ‘ food zone. The most widely praised aspect of stevia for human health concerns is its ability to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. This is an ideal replacement for normal sugar for diabetics or people on carbohydrate controlled diets because they can eat sweet foods without having to worry about diabetic complications. Net weight of this product is 50gm.

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