Wheat Bran Flour(Chokar Atta)

Wheat Bran Flour(Chokar Atta)


You can use chokar daily. Mix 100 gm of chokar with one kg whole wheat flour. Have chapattis or bread daily made out of this mixture. Very soon you will realize the goodness of it. Chew well while eating. Take at least 15 minutes while eating two chapattis.

Wheat bran cannot be stored like regular wheat flour.  It tends to get rancid and is best stored in the refrigerator, especially if one plans to store it for long.  Alternately, it may be stored in a vacuum-sealed canister at a moderate temperature.  If you note that the wheat bran tastes bitter, it is probably rancid, and should be discarded.

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Chokar is very helpful and useful to you in many ways such as

  • The regular intake of Chokar helps in curing constipation problem.
  • It reduces fat
  • It control diabetes as it has minerals necessary for insulin excretion, which is good for diabetics
  • It provide more energy to our body.
  • It helps a lot in the digestive system.

Net weight: 300gm


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