Corn Flour 400GM

Corn Flour 400GM


Corn flour is a flour powder made of finely ground cornmeal .Corn flour is white and yellow and usually used for breading and also combined with other flours in baked goods. This flour is derived from whole kernel. Corn flour could be blended with wheat flour to lower gluten for cookies, cakes, crackers and pastries. Corn flour is used as binder, filler and thickener in pastry, cookie. Net weight of this product is 450gm.



  1. Gluten free

Corn flour is gluten free and is a great alternative to wheat flour. It is used for thickening gravies and makes baked goods, tortillas without using inflammatory gluten

  1. Rich in fiber


One cup of corn flour offers third of regular fiber goals and also provides the essential protein that is required daily so the dishes prepared from it fulfills these requirements.

  1. Great source of antioxidants

Corn has high level of antioxidants that assist to prevent diseases. An unprocessed corn has high level of polyphenols in comparison to similar processed grains also called cereal grains. The foods rich in these compounds help to fight free radical damage caused by processed foods, exposure to toxins and sun.


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